6 Top Tips for Telephone Interviews


6 Top Tips for Telephone Interviews

Posted on 03 October 2022

Telephone Interviews

Forget the tube, forget the dry-cleaners, forget your briefcase… for now anyway, you’ve got a telephone interview to prepare for! But don’t take this too lightly or casually because they can be your best friend or foe. Telephone interviews are on the rise more than ever, along with skype and conference calls. They’re used as an initial screening, to narrow down candidates for face-to-face interviews. It’s also a way of minimising travels costs and an effective tool for recruiting nationally or internationally. So let’s dive in and see what secrets our expert consultants have shared to help you.

Is Now a Good Time?

I’m sure you’ve answered a call from a recruiter unexpectedly to go through your CV, experience, and aspirations – fortunately telephone interviews are prearranged to a specific day and time that is convenient for both parties. Just don’t schedule it for when you have weekly meetings with your current employer – awkward!

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare and Prepare again!

Just like a face-to-face interview preparation is key. Investigate the company - look at their website, understand what they do, who they are, what drew you into the position? Luckily, telephone interviews give you leeway! Have your CV and the job description on hand in case you need to refer to it, along with a notepad and pen with prepared questions. Be careful though as they can be distractions, engaging with your interviewer and building rapport is far more important.

Be Environmentally Friendly

We’re not talking about recycling or organic cosmetics here, take control of your environment and physical surroundings. You need a quiet place with no distractions, definitely no cafes or while on a commute for that matter. If possible schedule a meeting room at work or take the call from the home office.  

We’re Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Does technology seem to fail in situations when you need it most? Don’t leave the fate of your future in the hands of technology. It may sound silly but make sure your mobile is fully charged with a strong signal – it’s also worth using a headset so both hands are free to jot down notes. Finally, it pays to double check and test everything again before your call.  

Body Language & Conversation Style

You aren’t chatting to a mate about what pub to meet at on a Friday night so be aware of the tone of your voice - speak clearly, confidently, and concisely. As you can’t convey body language, try standing during the conversation to sound more enthusiastic and interested. If not, sit upright and maintain a good posture. During the interview don’t feel rushed into answering a question, take the time to gather your thoughts or ask the interviewer for clarification or to repeat if necessary. Lastly, moments before the call take a couple of deep breaths and relax – also a smile can ease any tension or nerves.   

Leave a Lasting Impression

Good old-fashioned manners still go a long way so remember to thank the interviewer for their time. This simple gesture could sway their decision last minute and be the difference in moving onto the next stage. Also clarify the next steps in the process, and if appropriate request feedback in due course – good luck!

If you need any in-depth advice about preparing for a interviews for specific events roles then don’t hesitate tocontact one of our experienced consultants.

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