CV Writing advice for experienced Event professionals


CV Writing advice for experienced Event professionals

Posted on 01 June 2022

Are you an experienced B2B Event professional contemplating the next steps in your career? When starting the job hunt, you may find that writing a CV that best promotes your competencies is more arduous and time-consuming than you had originally anticipated.

Whether it’s condensing professional experiences into two pages, or detailing achievements in a way that makes you stand out, Albany’s recruitment consultants can guide you through writing a CV that is attractive to hiring managers. Below, you will find a list of useful CV writing tips, tailored to senior job applications.

1. Form and structure

It is not a myth; the 2-page CV restriction is applicable to professionals across all levels - not just graduates. Albany finds that keeping the ‘work experience’ section succinct and to the point are vital ingredients when writing a CV that instantly highlights your skills. Furthermore, to ensure that your CV gains the attention of hiring managers, you won’t need to design a special layout, or include any diagrams. Try to keep the aesthetic as simple as possible. When written well, words in a standard font and size such as Calibri, will be enough to illustrate why you are best suited for the job.   

2. Training

As an experienced B2B Event professional, you may have attended internal or external training courses that have enhanced your skills. Please list the name of the course in the ‘work experience’ section, as well as any certifications that you may have gained. During the interview stage, hiring managers may ask you to elaborate on these, so it won’t be necessary to include further details on your CV.   

3. Quantified achievements 

Simply stating your achievements will not be enough at this level. As an experienced Event professional applying for a more senior role, it is imperative that you quantify these achievements, and indicate how much of an impact you made in your previous roles. Hiring managers want to know whether you are ready for a more advanced role with greater responsibility. Have you been involved in forecasting budgets, or event strategy? How many events did you organise per year? Complementing the description of your tasks and responsibilities with figures will prove that you are capable of making a positive contribution to another business. 

4. Detailing professional experiences

Our consultants have found that, when detailing their professional experiences, skilled candidates can often go into too much depth about their achievements. Your CV does not need to contain details of all tasks and responsibilities performed in previous roles – only the best examples that you are most proud of. Under each role, keep to 2-3 short bullet points. Contrastingly, we have seen the other extreme, where candidates fail to write enough detail. Brainstorm the most impressive experiences that demonstrate your key skills. Did you manage budgets, negotiate contracts, or manage staff? Include it!

5. Proofread, and then proofread again!

It may seem obvious, but you’ll be surprised by the amount of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes we find in CVs, so please proofread your work! At Albany, our consultants will be your extra pair of eyes, and comb through your CV to make sure that it is ready to send to our clients!

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