How to write a CV for Conferences and Events jobs | Graduates


How to write a CV for Conferences and Events jobs | Graduates

Posted on 02 May 2022

While there are countless graduate CV writing articles available online, resources that cater to those who are passionate about working within B2B events are limited. As the UK’s specialist recruitment agency to the Conferences and Events industry, Albany can provide a helping hand to graduates seeking to write a CV that appeals to our vast range of clients. First impressions count, and to ensure that you make a positive impact on hiring managers, we have shared a model graduate CV, as well as advice for each section, to make sure that your CV stays at the top of people’s minds, rather than the bottom of the pile. 

1. Format, structure, and writing

If someone had just 2 minutes to read your CV, would the points be comprehensible? If not, cut it down. A CV should not be any longer than 2 pages, and while this point is consistently reiterated by careers advisors across all sectors, it is particularly important within our industry. Roles such as conference production and marketing require constant content creation, and if you waffle in your CV, you have not proven an ability to convey a message in a succinct and clear manner. Moreover, hiring managers will not have time to decode meaning from your CV, so all information that you include must be relevant, and straightforward. Furthermore, CVs for events roles do not require an intricate template, or any photos – sometimes simplicity is best.

2. Personal statement

Much like Kevin Bahler discusses in one of our 4 Top Ted Talks, you are unique, and hopefully, you are applying for a job within Conferences and Events because it resonates with an aspect of your personality. If a hiring manager’s first impression of your CV is anything but positive and memorable, then you will not be shortlisted. So how do you stand out amongst other applicants? The answer is that you already do. Whether you are outgoing, logistical, competitive, proactive, or analytical, this is your selling point, and that is what you need to introduce to hiring managers in your personal statement. Use this section to really demonstrate what makes you different, why you are perfect for the Conferences and Events industry. Remember that while accolades are important to our clients, so is personality.

3. Education

Although it is a must to include GCSE, A-level, as well as university results in your CV, it should not start to look like an academic transcript. This means that while you have achieved a set of qualifications to be proud of, they must be condensed. Rather than writing a list of all of your GCSEs, write, ‘10 GCSEs A*-C, incl. Maths, English, and Science’. This allows you to demonstrate your accolades in an effective manner. A bonus would be to include your dissertation title - it makes for a good talking point during interviews!

4. Work experience

If you have completed a placement year, or other relevant work experience, then this section is an opportunity to sell your skills and professional achievements to the hiring manager. Focus on any tangible examples of success, for example, was there a time that you exceeded your targets, and if so, by how much? If you can demonstrate a capability to meet and exceed targets, then you may have the potential to succeed in the KPI-driven industry that is Conferences and Events. However, only include the relevant work experiences that you are most proud of, yet, while doing this, do not summarise an important point with ‘etc.’.  Contrastingly, if you have taken a gap year, please ensure that this is accounted for in this section. Any retail experience? Summarise it into a sentence.

5.      Personal achievements and interests

Don’t overlook the importance of your interests.  These can really help you stand out.  For example, showing that you have been the captain of the local football team for the past 5 years or played the piano to grade 8, really shows commitment. Have you taken a gap year?  Our clients produce international conferences and events, therefore traveling shows that you can be adaptable to different cultures and that you’re not afraid to take yourself out of your comfort zone.  Clients will assess you holistically when considering your application, not just for the role but also for the company.

P.S. Proofread, then proofread again!  Any grammatical or spelling mistakes that you make will not be forgotten. We have come across CVs from candidates with exceptional attention to detil, so please rigorously check the final copy of your CV.

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