Ask the Recruiter


Ask the Recruiter

Posted on 03 January 2022

​Ever considered a career as a Recruitment Consultant?  A good recruiter can be a huge asset in securing candidates a new role.  We wanted to give you a brief insight into what being a consultant at Albany involves.  One of our recruiters answers some questions.

As a recruitment consultant at Albany, what do you do?

Albany is a specialist recruiter to the conference and events sector. As a Consultant, I work with companies to place candidates into roles.  We place candidates from graduate level to director across Conference Production, Marketing, Sales and Event Management.  I specialise in recruiting for Conference Producers and work with a wide range of event businesses, from international conference organisers to start -up event businesses, charities and non-profit associations.

On a daily basis the role involves: taking job briefs, either at client meetings or via the telephone.

It’s important to find out exactly what a role entails, what skills are required and the kind of candidate my client is looking for.  Personality and fit can be just as important as skills, experience and qualifications.  Getting a brief from a client is crucial to placing the right candidate.   

I meet candidates daily too.  I find out what their skills and achievements are, what they enjoy doing and what they don’t.  It’s important to find out what motivates them and what they are looking for from a new role and company.  I advise people about the market and what they can realistically expect from their next move.

Recruitment consultants build relationships with candidates and clients.   It is essentially a sales role but sales come from building good relationships so you understand your client’s needs and requirements and you can sell a candidate that you feel matches the brief. Good consultants gain their client’s trust and loyalty.  The candidate relationship is equally important, again building rapport and trust and understanding exactly what your candidate wants from their next career move.


There is no greater reward than the thrill of knowing you have helped someone get their dream job. I love that candidates come back to me when they are looking for their next role and their next one after that!  Candidates also become clients and it’s great to continue to build the relationships from a different perspective.  Also, on the client side it’s great knowing that you have found the right candidate for a team, getting positive feedback from clients is great for business.

To get placements you have to meet your candidates and I would say it is definitely one of the biggest positives of the role for me.   I’ve met so many characters as a recruitment consultant, people who are so dynamic and passionate about what they do. This really inspires me!

Commission: A successful recruiter makes money!  We are paid commission for hitting targets and this is a big bonus.

Is there an aspect of the role you don’t like?

Telling somebody that they haven’t got a job after they have put in the effort for rounds of tough interviews.  After over 6 years, I still find this part hard. 

Most important attributes of a Recruitment Consultant?

If you are considering a career in recruitment you need to be a strong listener and have empathy, your whole job revolves around this.  I would also say you need to be tenacious and thick-skinned. You need to be driven to hit targets and KPIs and when you do it’s a fantastic feeling, both financially and personally!

We hope this has given you a better insight into the role of a recruitment consultant at Albany. If you are interested in becoming a Recruiter then why not get in touch for an informal chat? Alternatively, if you would like to know more about us and have any questions then please contact Lils or Chloe on 020 3475 9059.

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