Let your CV be heard not just read!


Let your CV be heard not just read!

Posted on 01 September 2021

​Today’s job market is becoming more and more competitive. According to The Guardian, video CVs, also known as C.V.I.V‘s (Curriculum Vitae Interactive Video) are becoming increasingly popular with jobseekers who are looking to differentiate themselves from other candidates.

89% of employers revealed that they would definitely watch a video CV if it was sent to them however, it’s important to remember that video CVs haven’t replaced traditional CVs just yet. You should continue to send employers a traditional hard copy CV as this enables your skills and qualifications to be outlined clearly and it gives the employer something tangible they can quickly refer back to.

For a successful video CV, apply the following tips:

  • Film in a tidy environment

  • Dress accordingly- wear a suit if you’re applying for a formal role or smart casual clothes if you’re applying for a creative role

  • Speak clearly and confidently- avoid using scripts

  • Communicate who you are as well as your interests, your qualifications and previous work experience

  • Talk about the passion you have for the industry you would like to work in

  • Stand out from the crowd by mentioning a fun and interesting fact about yourself

  • Keep your video CV between 1-3 minutes long

  • Finish the video CV by thanking the recruiter for their time

Video CV’s also enable you to demonstrate your creativity. What are your thoughts on submitting video CV's? Have you ever submitted a video CV yourself? How did it work out for you? If you haven’t submitted a video CV before, why not?

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