Conference Production is at the forefront of B2B Conferences and Events companies.

What is a Conference Producer?

Conference Producers identify topics for a conference through in-depth market research (desk, phone and face to face) to write and produce a commercially viable conference programme that will offer networking and knowledge transfer opportunities for paying delegates, sponsors and speakers.

This is a truly fascinating and multifaceted position, as Conference Producers are responsible for their conference from inception to delivery. This includes working with all internal teams (sales, marketing and operations) to insure the success of the event.

Moreover, if you appreciate a diverse working environment, then you will be pleased to know that conferences can take place globally and cover all industries!

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Key tasks and responsibilities include:

How to get into Conference Production

To be a successful Conference Producer you need to have a strong academic background. Most clients look for a 2.1 and above in a research heavy degree.  You need to have a thirst for learning and research – but not just on Google! You need to be able to pick up the phone or to go to a face to face meeting and extract the crucial information that your conference agenda needs.

Conference Producers need to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. You will be building relationships with industry experts from the get-go. You will need to be adaptable in your approach, both when dealing with external stakeholder’s and when working with your internal teams. Not everyone responds the same. Be it to your audience, a speaker or your sales manager, your role is to help get a message across.

Conference Producers need to be commercially driven.  They need to identify conference topics that will attract paying delegates and sponsors. Moreover, they are creative with entrepreneurial spirits!

Salaries and Progression for Conference Producers:

Graduate Conference Producers can expect a starting salary of between £22,000 - £25,000 per annum with an estimated profit share of between £3,000 - £8,000 in their first year. Careers and salaries can progress pretty quickly.  

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As well as working your way up the traditional route, some producers just love content and develop their career by crossing over into different industries, focusing purely on creating agendas. This can nicely lead into freelance opportunities, which is another route that Conference Producers can take.  

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