The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world on its head, and many companies have struggled financially during the crisis. While some companies have had to cut jobs, some have needed to hire. 

For many businesses that have been forced to work from home, hiring has mainly been done remotely. This has led to new hires working virtually for their first few months with their new company. 

As COVID restrictions ease in 2021, these virtual employees will need to go back to the workplace for the first time. But how will they integrate into your current office culture? 

A well-organised onboarding process is essential for any type of employment. It can help increase retention by 25% and also improve employee performance by 11%.

However, without having had the same onboarding process that they might usually have had, here are some useful tips for reintroducing virtual employees back into the workplace. 

Get Everyone Ready for Your New Hire’s First Day in the Office

Before your new hire starts in the office, you should ensure that they are made to feel welcome by their new co-workers. Although they may have been working for your company for a few months already, this might be their first time to meet their co-workers in person. 

In the days before they are due to start in the office, send round an email to your team mentioning that they are expected to start. Share their name, job role, and a brief outline of their previous experience. 

While your new hire won’t be expecting a welcoming party, it will be useful to get formally introduced to the rest of the team.

Share Your Virtual Employees Successes During the Lockdown

When your new hire starts in the office, you need to show them that you value their contributions to your business so far. Make a point of highlighting their successes and contributions and let the rest of the team know about them too. 

Of course, you shouldn’t just single your new employees out in this way. It has been a difficult time for all of your WFH employees, and you should make sure that you highlight everyone’s successes. 

By sharing these successes in this way, you will demonstrate to your new virtual employees that they are valued as a part of the team. 

Show Your Employees What Good Office Culture Looks Like

Working in the office is quite different from working from home, and your virtual employees will have a lot to get used to when it comes to adapting to your office culture. This is particularly important for employees starting in the more junior roles who may not have had any experience of what office culture is.

You may also want to buddy them up with another employee to act as a mentor figure and show them the ropes. This buddy can serve as guidance to let them know whom they can go to with any questions and also show what good office culture looks like. 

Make sure that your onboarding process doesn’t stop once you have introduced your new employees to the rest of the team. Evaluating your employee’s onboarding experience afterwards will be useful to see if they have settled in properly and adapted to the office environment. This feedback, positive or negative, can help improve your onboarding process in the future. 

Bringing New Talent On Board In Your Business

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