With Christmas just around the corner, many candidates are winding down their job search ready to resume applications in January with the common myth that companies just don’t recruit in December.  While this time of year can be less hectic in many offices, December should in fact be seen as a great opportunity to apply for new jobs.

With the New Year come new job opportunities and new budgets but also many more applicants! By starting or continuing your job search now you can stay ahead of the competition and beat the rush.  This is a time when employers have more time to consider applications as they may have a reduced workload themselves.  Employers are also looking ahead to new plans and projects lined up for the coming year and budgets have been set so hiring managers should have a good idea of staffing requirements.  Many managers would like to get positions filled before January so they start the New Year with a strong team in place.

Many job seekers hold off applying for jobs in December as they think nothing will happen until January.  This really isn’t the case.  There is a need to find good candidates to start positions now.  In fact a client offered a role to a candidate yesterday who is starting next week.  So why not begin your New Year in a new job instead of starting with a resolution to find a new job!