Finding the motivation to complete job applications can be difficult – particularly if you have been applying for months, without any success. Whether you want to secure a graduate job in events, re-enter the conferences industry after a career break, or take on a senior executive job that reflects your new skills and growing portfolio, it is important to maintain a disciplined, yet enthusiastic approach to your applications. Our expert recruitment consultants know that this can be challenging, and to help, we have created a list of 4 videos that will keep you motivated:

1. Inside the mind of a master procrastinator 



Procrastination is one of the biggest enemies of progress. However, this insightful talk will help you to understand its causes, and most importantly, how to combat it. When applying for jobs in Events Management, Event Marketing, Event Sales or Conference Production, you may be asked to complete a project, in which case, organisation is key. Time management and dedication will ensure that your creativity and skills are reflected in your work. You know what they say - fail to prepare, prepare to fail. 

2. How to get back into work after a career break



Do you want to get back into work after taking a career break? This talk accurately explains why a this isn’t a disadvantage when applying for a new job, but an opportunity to establish how all of the skills you gained during your time out of work can be transferred into a commercial environment. Perhaps you enhanced your organisational skills while taking care of your family, or a sense of initiative during some time abroad. Our clients in the Events and Conferences sector appreciate these skills, but also encourage the development and training of other competencies that are required in a commercial environment, such as a proficiency in CRM software. Keep both things in mind when completing job applications. 

3. The skill of self-confidence

Job hunting can be a demoralising process, and giving up, or accepting self-defeating thoughts after a bout of rejection is something that all Events and Conferences professionals have been guilty of. However, it is important to reject any negative self-talk, and repeat an affirmation that will propel further applications. With this talk, you will learn how to reclaim your self-confidence after facing a knock, and get back into the swing of effectively job searching. 

4. Grit: The power of passion and perseverance


Graduates, have you ever thought about what the ingredients for career success are? According to this talk, it’s grit, and we agree! Competitive commercial environments like B2B events call for individuals with character and resolve, as well as perseverance, to create engaging and effective events. If you feel apprehensive about how your potential employer will feel about your academic results, then please know that this doesn’t automatically set you back. Employers have the experience to read your application, and gage whether you possess a genuine passion and drive for the role. Remember to focus on what you have, and display that in your application!

Don’t forget that Albany Appointment’s expert recruitment consultants possess a wealth of experience in matching individuals to jobs that cater to their individual needs and skills. Completing an application for B2B conferences and events jobs doesn’t have to be difficult but rather, an exciting opportunity to demonstrate your abilities. Give us a call today on 02038743740, and together we can get through job applications!