Graduate season has arrived in the UK once again! We know there are thousands of hungry new graduates pursuing the top spots at their dream companies. To have a fighting chance at beating the competition, you’ve got to stay focussed and keep your eyes on the prize. We’ve gathered our top 5 tips for fresh graduates looking to establish a new career in the events industry.

Top tip #1: Elevate your CV and cover letter
A strong CV and well-crafted cover letter are your calling cards to your next career. Don’t clutter the page with lengthy paragraphs: keep it concise with short sentences, bullet points and a clean font (we love Calibri). In your cover letter, summarise your experiences and demonstrate how they apply to the role. What employers really want to see is what YOU will bring to the table.

Top tip #2: Do your homework
The end of university doesn’t mean the end of homework, unfortunately, but the amount of research you invest before approaching a potential employer will pay off in the long run. Think of the company as your audience. Ask yourself ‘Is the information I’m sharing relevant to this company’s role or ethos?’ If you’re offered an interview, do a bit of digging. Explore the company’s history, their successes and goals, and ask questions to show you’re genuinely interested in what they’re doing.

Top tip #3: Hone your skills and your network
Practice makes perfect. Build up your transferrable skillsets now for valuable experience later on. In the events industry, office and commercial experience is key. Got sales, recruitment, market research or telesales experience under your belt? Great, this will work in your favour.
Graduates looking to work in event operations need onsite experience; even supporting the event team is beneficial to see how it all works on the day. Make friends, be kind, work on your confidence. Put yourself out there by going to meet-ups, networking events and utilising LinkedIn. Show your passion, enthusiasm and curiosity. A good attitude is everything.

Top tip #4: Prepare for the interview
Get to know the lay of the land. This is where your research from tip #2 will come into play. Prepare questions and practise answering common interview questions. Turn up on time and dress to impress. Bring your A-game to every meeting. Analyse each interview to see where you could improve. Always follow up with a request for feedback and thank them for their time.

Top Tip #5: Be proactive and reliable
The events industry is built on relationships. If you’ve followed tip #3 you’ll likely have a strong network of industry contacts under your belt. Remember that your contacts will have their own relationships with other industry figures, and they like to talk. In this industry, your character is currency. Be reliable and your reputation will rise.

Follow these tips and you’ll stand out from the crowd. Ready to head out into the field? Talk to Albany Appointments today and let us help you start your graduate career.